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The Optical Shoppe at Oakland Ophthalmic Surgery

Our practice is fortunate to have two of the best opticians in the state of Michigan, Denice Papak and Allison Horowitz. Both have several years of experience and provide superior customer service to all our patients. Opticians are trained to prepare and dispense glasses or related devices based upon prescriptions given from the doctor. Dispensing Opticians measure, adapts, and adjusts eyeglasses to the face as well as performs eyeglass repairs. They are well educated in aiding our patients in frame selections and choosing specialty lens materials such as transition lenses, progressive lenses, and ultra-thin lenses.

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Denice300My name is Denice Papak. I am a Certified Optician through the American Board of Opticianry, with over 30 years of experience. I have been with Oakland Ophthalmic Surgery in our Birmingham location for over 20 years. My experience is diverse, ranging from cutting & edging lenses to final inspection of finished product. There is not much that I cannot fix or repair for you in a pinch! I am excited to be partnered with Optik/Birmingham. Our goal at Optik is to continue to offer you great service on high quality frames and lenses that you will not find at most retail stores. Our unique product mix is definitely worth a look! We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and look forward to assisting you in selecting your next pair of eyeglasses.

Denice300XMy name is Allison Horowitz and I am an eyeglasses addict. I am an optician and have been in the business of optics for eighteen years.   I am happy to be able to work in the industry because it’s such an exciting time for people who wear glasses. Eyeglass styles have become fun, trendy, artsy, and fashionable and I love helping people choose them. Selecting the right frame is truly an art form and I’m pretty good at it. Fashion and art are a very big part of my life and I am happy that I get to incorporate those two things at work. I am proud to say I work for Optik because I love the product that we carry. Our frames are unique and original, but most importantly, they are high quality. In addition, Optik uses state of the art lenses with the latest technology. Customer service is very important to me and meeting our patient’s optical needs is a must. I think of glasses as an accessory, and I myself have an extensive collection, remember I’m an addict. You too could have a collection!